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Oli Schlup

I started racing karts a few years ago and also got heavily involved with sim racing.

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In 2021 Oli turned 16 and had the opportunity to get his ARDS test, which he passed just after his 16th birthday. Oli’s Dad has been racing Legends for a few years by now, also with Mickel Motorsport, so he was familiar with the cars and the format. He had a couple of races with Legends towards the end of the ‘21 season and managed to get some positive results, despite having to start from the back. For 2022 , his first full season, he ran a full Legends campaign and he set his sight on the Rookie Championship. There was very stiff competition and Oli was just pipped to the Rookie title by a few points leaving him to claim 2nd place. He is currently studying motorsport mechanics at college and in his spare time he  loves to play rugby for Haywards Heath RFC Colts.

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Oli Schlup

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