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Mickel Makes a Return to Superstox After Three Decades!

Back in 1987, three decades ago, John Mickel began his glorious Superstox career having spent six years in Ministox where he began at the tender age of 10 years old

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Mickel Makes a Return to Superstox After Three Decades!

At 47 years old, Mickel has given in to years of temptation to return to this lively formula.

Between 1987 and 1992, Mickel made quite a name for himself as a front runner in the series but how will he get on 30 years later?

John Mickel said “I have always loved Superstox and it remains strong in my heart so its very nice to make a return into a formula with a lot of very talented young drivers. I am hoping they will be kind to me!”

Mickel takes young blood with him. Luke Simmons from Lingfield is age 16, and will be driving #251. Luke begins his Superstox journey after two years in Junior Rods.

Their first meeting will be May 5th at Ipswich and, although they don’t plan to attend the full calendar, they will be hopeful to drive in a number of rounds in 2018.

Mickel retains his famous #4 and will be honouring his UK National Legends partnership with K-Seal as his sponsor.

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John Mickel Superstox Racing CV Extracts:


European; Anglia TV Super Cup; National Points Championship 1st

Irish; World Championship; World Cup 2nd


World Cup; Irish; East Anglian; National Points Championship 1st

European Championship 2nd

World; English Championship 3rd


World; European Championship; Anglia TV Super Cup 1st

English; National Points Championship 2nd

Scottish: British Championship 3rd


East Anglian Championship 1st

European Championship 2nd

World Championship 3rd


World Superstox Championship 5th


Southern Superstox Championship 1st

Other Major Superstox Awards:

Neil Bee Trophy: Jack Gray Trophy;

Trophy Land Super Cup; Foxhall 50; Aldershot Classic; Wisbech Trophy.

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