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Mickel Motorsport Limited Partners with Cataclean for 2015

Mickel Motorsport is delighted to partner up with the fuel system cleaning company, Cataclean, for the remainder of the 2015 UK National Legends Championship.

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Mickel Motorsport Limited Partners with Cataclean for 2015

John Mickel may have expertise at repairing crash damage to his #4 Legend Race car but he is relieved to leave the cleaning of his diesel, petrol and hybrid engine road cars to the experts at Cataclean.

Cataclean can reduce emissions before an MOT test, increase overall engine performance, improve fuel efficiency, save on expensive engine repairs and get the best from your engine performance. You simply pour Cataclean into your fuel tank.

John, Director at Mickel Motorsport said “What a fantastic pairing! A motorsport team and Cataclean! It is an amazing product and I am proud to be part of their marketing campaign for 2015.

Cataclean offers a range of products including Cataclean Liquid Science (The Original), Cataclean DPF and Cataclean “ONE SHOT” Bike for use with 4-stroke engines. Cataclean improves BHP and torque, improves throttle response, reduces carbon buildup, cleans fuel injectors, improves fuel consumption and reduces emissions by up to 60%. Cataclean is perfect for all 4-stroke engines that you may use at home and for pleasure including mowers, quad bikes, skidoo’d and Jet Skis.

Cataclean’s Commercial Development Director, Graham Fraser, said "It is a pleasure to support such an established and successful team as Mickel Motorsport in such a popular formula as the Legends Championship".  "It helps that team principle and driver, John Mickel, is a user of the Cataclean products as he knows how effective they are".  "We are looking forward to sharing in Mickel Motorsports success in 2015 and beyond".

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