John Mickel

John Mickel

John Mickel was born with oval racing in his blood. His father competed in local stock car events then introduced a young John to Mini Stocks, running on quarter mile ovals, at the tender age of 10.

His love for speed became more pronounced as he started to take podium positions in everything he raced, becoming a multi junior champion before the age of 12 on the short ovals.

Before the age of 19, John had already become a World and European Champion, again on short ovals with Superstox, an open wheeled racer similar to American Outlaws.

In 2001, a 1.5 mile oval was built at Rockingham UK, and in Lausitz Germany a 2 mile oval, to bring the speed and thrill of the NASCAR vision of motorsport to Europe. By the end of 2001, John was UK and World Legends Champion (road course) and European SCSA Champion (large ovals - equivalent ASA) with his sights set on his personal ambition to race NASCAR.

John's family is wife Lisa and two young daughters. His father is a member of his crew along with his brother Alan, taking the important role as his Crew Chief. John was asked last year if he would be prepared to uproot his family to move to the USA full time if a chance to compete in NASCAR regularly came along, his response was immediate and unhesitant, "Yes!"

One of John's other passions is Beer, however when asked if he drank a lot of it he responded "Not as much as I used to!" John has worked very hard to ensure he is fit enough to compete at his maximum level for the duration of NASCAR's long races.

"We are fully aware of the fact that most European drivers never get the opportunity to participate in what I consider the pinnacle of Motorsport." - John Mickel

In 2010 John contested the inaugural ASA Freestate 500 race in South Africa and became the first ever Englishman to win a NASCAR race outside the USA.

Away from the track, John enjoys keeping fit and has taken part in the London Marathon in 2010 and 2011.

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John Mickel

A true racing legend
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