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Cadwell Captures Mixed Results for Mickel Motorsport

Mickel Motorsport recently returned from Lincolnshire’s woodland adventure track at Cadwell Park where John Mickel fought hard to close the point’s gap in the UK MRF Legends Cars National Championship.

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Cadwell Captures Mixed Results for Mickel Motorsport

Saturday 13th May 2017

The weather was fine but the mood was cloudy as John Mickel struggled with a stomach virus that persisted to hamper John throughout the day.

Round 5 - Race 1

Paul Simmons brought the Baileigh #51 machine home in 5th place. John managed to remain in the car long enough, suffering with nausea, to make it to the finish line in 8th place proving that the orange K-Seal Car really does normally rely on John Mickel’s driving skills. Mike Schlup enjoyed his first trip out on this tricky circuit and was now well prepared for the rest of the weekend’s racing.


Paul Simmons 5th

John Mickel 8th

Mike Schlup 15th 

Round 5 – Race 2

John Mickel fared better in race two, finishing in 3rd place with Paul right behind him in 4th. Mike Schlup was certainly getting to grips with the circuit improving on his placing to finish 13th.


John Mickel 3rd

Paul Simmons 4th

Mike Schlup 13th

Round 5 – Final

All drivers were held up at the start of the final, which can prove unnerving for some, following a large incident in the previous race involving the Caterham Championship. 

It was a fantastic start for John Mickel who surged from seventh row, where he started next to Paul Simmons, to slot into 4th place by the end of lap three which is where John finished just three seconds behind the leader following a furious battle for the 3rd, 4th and 5th places.


John Mickel 4th

Paul Simmons 10th

Mike Schlup 12th

Despite his illness, John gained enough points to collect a 3rd place driver for the day and Paul Simmons collected Master of the Day!

Sunday 14th May 2017

Drivers woke to a greasy and damp track, especially under the tree line which encased some of the circuit. The choice of tyre was tricky but important.

John felt a little better than the previous day.

Pauls was keen to maintain a triage of high top ten finishes.

Mike Schlup was on a mission to get an improving place inside the top ten throughout the day. Mike’s mission was successful in his K-Seal car and with his all-time high finish in 7th place in the Final, he collected the Driver of the day award.

Round 6 - Race 1


John Mickel 4th

Paul Simmons 9th

Mike Schlup 10th

Round 6 - Race 2


John Mickel 5th

Mike Schlup 8th

Paul Simmons 11th

Round 6 – Final


John Mickel 1st

Mike Schlup 7th

Paul Simmons DNS

John got his win after crossing the finish line of the Final ahead of everyone else. What a great finish to a flat weekend for John Mickel. This gave John enough points to collect a 2nd place trophy for his total day’s points. 

Paul Simmons was involved in a first lap pile up in the Final and was unable to continue. We are happy to report that Paul just suffered damage to his pocket and is otherwise fine.

John leaves Cadwell in a similar position as he had on arrival to this circuit with a gap of 130 points between him and the Championship leader but with 200 points for a race win and with over half the championship still to run, it’s remains very close and exciting!

Paul Simmons is in 5th place in the Championship and Mike Schlup has made his way into the top 12 placings in the Championship.

All three drivers in the top 12 spots nearing the halfway point in the Championship is something of pride at Mickel motorsport HQ!

2017 UK Championship

1 - #55 Ben Power - 3070
2 - #04 John Mickel - 2940
3 - #13 Jack Parker- 2665
4 - #66 Steve Whitelegg - 2340
5 - #51 Paul Simmons - 2325
6 - #07 Miles Rudman - 2060
7 - #94 Tom Grainger - 1910
8 - #21 Sean Smith - 1785
9 - #68 Gary Whitelegg - 1750
10 - #29 Nathan Anthony - 1720
11 - #74 Robert King -1545
12 - #03 Mike Schlup - 1455

Round 7 & 8 are at Croft on 1st and 2nd July 2017.

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