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Cataclean Remain Partners with Champions Mickel Motorsport for 2016

Cataclean – the original fuel and exhaust system cleaner, have continued their partnership with the 2015 triple champions, Mickel Motorsport Limited, for the National UK Legends 2016 season.

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Cataclean Remain Partners with Champions Mickel Motorsport for 2016

Mickel Motorsport cleaned up in 2015 collecting the UK Championship Legends title, followed by a trip across to the USA to win the 2015 Legends World Finals together with the Legends World series Points title.

John Mickel was very impressed with the results of the Cataclean products when the emissions busting company came on board in 2015. “This product is easy to use and you get amazing results in diesel, petrol and hybrid engines. You simply pour Cataclean into your fuel tank! I am delighted that Cataclean remain partners with us for the 2016 season”

Cataclean can reduce emissions before an MOT test, increase overall engine performance, improve fuel efficiency, save on expensive engine repairs and get the best from your engine performance.

Cataclean spokesperson, Zach Baigent, said “We are delighted to be continuing our sponsorship with Mickel Motorsport and The Legends Series for 2016, a winning driver with a winning brand

Cataclean offers a range of products including the Fuel & Exhaust System Cleaner, the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaner, the Export Strength formula to improve engine performance, fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, as well as protecting and maintaining the catalytic converter, and the One Shot Bike for use with 4-stroke engines which improves BHP and torque, better throttle response, reduce carbon buildup and cleans injectors, improves fuel consumption and reduces emissions by up to 60%. Cataclean is perfect for all 4-stroke engines that you may use at home and for pleasure including mowers, quad bikes, skidoo’s and Jet Skis.

Mickel Motorsport Limited, together with Cataclean, will be seen racing all over the UK at prestigious circuits throughout 2016, with the exciting Championship due to kick off this Easter weekend at the famous Brands Hatch.

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