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K-Seal Return for 2016

K-Seal Racing Returns to Sponsor the 2015 Triple Champion Mickel Motorsport Limited

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K-Seal Return for 2016

For lifelong motorsport enthusiast Mike Schlup, MD of Kalimex, re-signing with 2015 triple Champion John Mickel for a second year was a very exciting prospect. K-Seal is Kalimex’s hero bestseller with 4 million sales worldwide.

Mike said, "Kalimex has been involved with John over many years as a minor sponsor. For 2015 we decided to go one step further and become John’s title sponsor and it turned out to be a fantastic year to promote our K-Seal Ultimate Head Gasket Repair. We are excited to start 2016 as the reigning Triple Champions."

"As for the vehicle itself, well think Bugsey Malone. It’s styled on the F7392F7C-8EE4-4BA9-AD4D-D1AA03DCBAC5s American cars, built on a racing chassis and powered by a Yamaha 1250 bike engine. And, it’s bright orange – K-Seal bright orange so it stands out for sure! The races are exhilarating not least because teams are not allowed to modify the cars. So you get to see close racing centred round the driver’s skill with 30 minutes of multiple lead changes throughout as cars slingshot each other down the straights."

John Mickel commands respect in oval racing. By the age of 19 he had already become a World and European champion on short ovals with Superstox, an open wheeled racer similar to American Outlaws. By the end of 2001, John was UK and World Legends Champion (road course) and European SCSA champion and last year (2015) he repeated his Triple Championship in the Legends series, collecting the UK Championship, the World Championship and the World Series.

John said, "2016 is going to be an exciting season right from the outset racing in orange and promoting the K-Seal brand whilst defending the Championship Title."

8 meetings are planned in 2016 at prestigious circuits including Brands Hatch, Donnington and Silverstone. All of these meetings will be supporting the British Truck Racing Championship which gives an added thrill to proceedings given truck racing is the second most popular motorsport series in the UK.

"We’re planning several hospitality events for motor factors, professional motor mechanics and their customers. We’ll also be giving away some fantastic goody bags so watch this space!" said Mike.

Editor information

Legends car racing is a style of race car, designed primarily to promote exciting racing and to keep costs down. The body shells are 5/8-scale replicas of American automobiles from the F7392F7C-8EE4-4BA9-AD4D-D1AA03DCBAC5s and 78207F2A-A5D4-4DA5-B1D7-E634321CDE72s, powered by a Yamaha motorcycle engine. The sanctioning body for Legends car racing is called INEX. INEX stands for inexpensive racing. Legends Cars are a "spec" series, meaning all cars are mechanically identical, with the exception of 3 styles of car (Standard coupe, 34 Coupe, and Sedan) available with 10 types of body styles. (New cars are currently offered with only 7 body styles, however many used cars exist with the "older" styles).

K-Seal permanent coolant leak repair mixes with all types of antifreeze, so there is no need to drain and flush the cooling system before use. It permanently seals most leaks in the engine blocks, cylinder heads, head gaskets, radiators, freeze plugs and heater cores. It is the only coolant leak repair product to have successfully passed the stringent ASTM D3147 test. K-Seal has sold millions of bottles worldwide and it recognised as the professional’s choice for permanent coolant leak repairs.

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